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Minimalism and dull design: How to avoid the latter

When homeowners want a simple design for their home interior, minimalism is the way to go. However, when minimalism is overdone, it can result in a plain and dull output.

There’s a fine line that separates minimalism and dullness in design. It can be avoided by adding some objectivity in interpreting art. Know how to stay on the right track and keep a minimal home design yet still looking creative and stylish. Here are some tips for you to consider.

Metal Sculpture


Create balance

With minimalism, less is more. However, don’t mistake the term “less” for something non-existent. Everything boils down to the perfect balance of elements. Create balance by putting equal measures of decorations and neutral colours to the surrounding area.

While balancing empty space is crucial for minimalist home interiors, it doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt your favourite accessories. Decorate your minimalist household with elegant pieces of art sculpture that’s ideal for modern homes. Put them in the right place where your decorations can shine and add more style to your home interior.



Emphasise neutral colours

Minimalism is dominated by simplicity in design. This is why you should let simple designs and neutral colours be the base of your home interior. Let neutral colours such as white, beige, or light grey be the focal point of your design. Choosing neutral colours of lighter tones is an ideal way to give space for your colourful decorations.

If you’re planning to decorate the place with a few accessories, make sure their colours are subtle and easy on the eyes. Complement your interior with collectables that are relaxing to look at. Joyful accessories such as a pair of ceramic bird figurines make a fine addition to your home design.




Simplicity is key

If nothing else works, a simple accessory like a handmade ceramic vase that is designed with simplicity in mind, can work and should be able to fit any household.  Add a bloom and it’s good to go!

And, for blank walls, you can put up a simple wall painting or a unique wall art decor. They add more to your home’s minimalist design without ruining its peaceful theme.



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