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5 Common Home Decoration Mistakes

Everyone’s entitled to make their home stylish the way they want. After all, a home is where personal preference really matters! Of course, there are some exceptions. Art may be subjective, but there are still some rules that might help the artist. To break the rules, know them first! Everyone’s probably gone through one or two mistakes when it comes to home decorations. Here are 5 common home decoration mistakes you can avoid.

Soho wall art human compressor as a unique home decor

1. Decorating around your TV

The living room is where home decor accessories are most visible. It’s also where the TV is usually placed. Because of this, many homeowners try to set up a whole barrage of ornaments and accessories around the TV! This isn’t exactly advisable since the TV is already a central point of attention, especially when it’s being used.

Instead, let your TV stand out on itself.  To achieve a balanced look, you can put up a unique wall art sculpture on the wall behind the TV and decorate the area surrounding your TV with a few ornaments but not too many.

2. Too many plants

There’s nothing wrong with setting up your home with plants. A home doesn’t feel complete without a few plant decorations. The problem is some rooms may be filled with too many plants, the entire place might look like a conservatory! Limit them and break the monotony with 1 or 2 floral bloom to add some colour and variety to your home.

 3. Cluttered Photo frames

Art and photography might be your thing. A few hanging paintings or photo frames around the house is a delight to see. However, a mixture of photographs/paintings with no relation to one another can be a sight for sore eyes. The lack of a collective theme or category can be confusing for both the mind and eyes.

Instead, dedicate a wall or room with a gallery of photos or paintings that are arranged depending on style, era, artist, etc. 


4. Going overboard

We all have our favourite style or theme. It can be evident in the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, and the films we watch. This also applies to our home interior. If we’re obsessed with a particular theme, we might go overboard with the designs and decorations.

Don’t settle for one style! Try to mix and match a few decorations to spice up your home interior. Try these pop art sculptures that can make your place a whole lot livelier. Their abstract design is sure to shake up your theme a bit.


5. Too much darkness

If darkness is your preferred theme, it’s alright. But you can’t elude the fact that an awkwardly lit room can add to the dullness factor. A little lighting could significantly improve the atmosphere. Misplaced lighting is detrimental to your home interior! Provide enough light by setting up lamps on your tables. Make sure the colours complement the room’s atmosphere. Try to match the lighting with the room’s entire colour combination. You can include scented candles that can not only shed light but also add an aroma that can set the mood for relaxation.

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