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Country cottage theme: Adding simplicity to your home decor

Sometimes simplicity works best. This is evident in the way of living of farmhouse owners where their home interiors are intricate yet simple in design. They usually have a good collection of decorative ornaments and accessories that are inspired by old-style craftsmanship . However, country cottage home decor isn’t exclusive to farmhouse living. City dwellers who embrace simplicity can also adopt a country cottage theme!  Here are some country cottage inspired home decorations that are ideal to have at home.



Animal Character Doorstops 

A country-inspired home doesn’t have to be exclusive to classic decorations. Today, modern country homes are popular. To pull off a modern country cottage look, use a few decorations that resemble nature like animal-based decorations to style your home. For something that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing, you can place a couple of adorable animal character doorstops in your home as a door stopper. You’d be surprised how many kids will enjoy seeing these cute animals by the door! And, because these charming animal character doorstops are designed with such intricate details in mind, they serve well as a beautiful decorative piece too!




Porcelain Musical Dolls

For music lovers, decorative element such as these porcelain dolls that sit atop a wind-up musical box are your best bet! These porcelain statues are often reminiscent of classic fictional characters like mermaids, angels, and fairies.Their uniqueness is unmatched as each piece is crafted and hand-painted with distinctive details. You can place these cute pieces of art almost anywhere you like. Wind up the music box to bring joy to children at home!

Flower Arrangement



Floral inspiration

Your country cottage home won’t be complete without a few beautifully arranged flowers around the house! Brighten up your home interior by adding a floral bloom. These hand-made flowers made from sola wood and recycled paper are a good choice because they exhibit a vibrant style that’s almost identical to their authentic counterparts. They’re environment-friendly and 100 per cent biodegradable so you won’t have to worry about any harmful substances.




Animal Sculptures

Add a little charm from the nature-friendly side of country cottage living with these nifty sculptures that replicate a farm animal. They look great on any table top or kitchen shelving. Each of these passionately hand-made sculptures is crafted with unique expressions to add a whimsical take to your home decor. Place them around your home for that perfect cottage touch!




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