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Vases & Bowls 

Vases are great decorative piece as they add color and design to a space.  Placing an aesthetically pleasing bloom in the right vase can  dramatically transform your living space and improve the mood and ambiance of your environment.  They make an excellent housewarming gift too.! Wandewoo provides you the right place where to buy well-crafted vases in Singapore.

Colored Glass Vase & Bowls

Our beautiful mouth-blown colored vases are specially designed with unique variations in their shape and coloring to hold either a single bloom or a bunch of flowers. Some designs come with matching colored glass bowl which can be used as a serve ware for salad and fruits.

Wooden Vase & Bowls

For those who love their wood, our hand-craved wooden vases and bowl will be a perfect complement to any home decor with its unique wood grains. They are made from mango wood which has been gaining popularity because it is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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Home Decor and Accessories in Singapore - Vases And Bowls
Home Decor and Accessories in Singapore - Woodware Vases & bowls

Fret Not On Where To Buy Vase In Singapore That Will Beautify Your Home!

We have a wide variety of handmade vases, made with different materials and whether clean and simple, heavily textured, colorful or quirky, these pieces are sure to impress anyone.