Your Go-To Gift Shop in Singapore for Unique Home Decor and Accessories

Your Go-To Gift Shop in Singapore for Home Decor and Accessories

Wandewoo is your home decor and gift shop in Singapore for the best choice of inspiring hand-made crafts designed to elevate every urban space across Asia. With a core belief that every living and working space deserves an exquisite and high-spirited crafts, every curated pieces, from home decor to gifts and accessories are all hand-made to deliver genuine art quality. Every collection pieces are guaranteed to live up its highest quality and uniquely made one-of-a-kind piece for every individual.

Art Decor 1

Art Decor

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Aromatic 1


Vases 1


Product Showcase 1

A Pop of Color Sculptures

It is impossible not to fall in love with our iconic range of beautifully hand-crafted and hand-painted decorative art sculptures. Made from high-quality fiberglass and meticulously hand-painted by talented artisan, our art sculptures will beautify and inject a zesty vibe to any living spaces instantly.  

Stuffed Doorstopper 1

Adorable Doorstops

Add a unique touch and splash of style to your home with these adorable doorstops that are designed in England. They are made using luxurious, timeless high-quality fabrics and can be used as a stopper, paperweight, bookend and also as a beautiful decorative piece. 

Doll Music Box 1

Pretty Porcelain Figurine Musical Box

Bring joy to your loved ones with these pretty porcelain figurine musical box designed and made in Italy. Each piece is individually handcrafted and hand painted by Artists in Italy.  This means, no two model are identical, with each figurine displaying its own charm and elegance.  

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