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Aromatic Diffusers: How Fragrance Can Affect Your Home

It’s nice to come home after a long, hard day in the office. But coming home and being greeted by a relaxing aromatic scent the minute you enter your home is even better. You might think that adding a scent in your home is just an accessory to make your home a little lively and to make it smell nice for visitors, but new psychological studies show that smell and scents play a big part in affecting your mood, the way you relax, and the way you feel at home. It can also enhance your productivity in the workplace.

Sense of smell
Our sense of smell is the perhaps the most powerful of all our 5 senses. The olfactory bulb is a portion of the limbic system, which is the emotional and memory center of our brain. Some studies revealed that certain aromas are capable of elating the emotions, increasing productivity, and offering better relaxation. Some scents that have been denoted to increase productivity levels include scents of lavender, jasmine, mint, lemon, cinnamon, and rosemary.


Best Places Around The Home To Add Scents:

1. Living Room:
The living room is one of the most important areas around the home, and it’s a must that you add a scent in it. It’s not only your main lounging area where you watch and relax on the weekends, but also where you entertain guests. Lavender, mint, and lemon are good scents to infuse in your living room as they help control emotional stress and enhances alertness.

2. Bedroom:
The second most important spot around the house that you should add a scent is the bedroom. Since this is a place where you sleep and unwind for the night, it is best that you add scents that can enhance your relaxation and mood so you can wake up feeling refreshed and energized. Jasmine scent is best for bedrooms as it helps elevate positive moods and works like an anti-depressant.

3. Dining Room:
When dining with family and friends in the dining room, it’s good to have a scent that elevates appetite so you can have a nice and festive meal together. Scents like Rosemary and cinnamon help alleviate the appetite.


Natural aromatic diffusers are not only used for aromatherapy, but for creating a reinvigorating atmosphere in the workplace and the home too. With the right balance of nice soothing scents, you could create a wonderful home environment. Odors influence moods, working performances, and various forms of conduct through their cultured relations and emotional links. Sometimes, aromatic scents makes us remember the things that inspire us, or makes us feel good, and it will greatly increase our mood.


Pick the right scent!
Wandewoo’s vast range of aromatic diffusers will create a cozy and warm atmosphere, wherever you may be. They have varieties of blooming flower diffusers and a stone diffuser set that will greatly enhance your mood, whether at home or in your office. Pair your aromatic diffusers with other artisan accessories and collections that are hand crafted to give your home or workplace a defined and homey personality.


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