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Aromatic Diffusers

Do you love having a fresh scent in your home or office? A quick and easy way to freshen your space is to use an aromatic fragrance diffuser.

Fragrant Flower Diffuser
A captivating flower made from eco-friendly sola wood sits on a stylishly designed terracotta pot. When infused with the aromatic fragrance, the handmade flower will change its colour making it so uniquely vibrant that you can use it as a stylish home decor object as well.

Ceramic Stones Diffuser
Ceramic stones diffuser are perfect for diffusing small spaces. Simply pour a few drops of essential oils onto the ceramic porous stones and they will automatically diffuse fragrance into the air. Most importantly, they leave no mess and are easy to clean.

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Depending on your preference, you can choose a beautiful flower or a porous stone diffuser.