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5 Tips to Give Your Home More Personality

Do you find that your abode does not reflect who you are and you are keen on a makeover to make your living space unique and inviting? Here are 5 straightforward ways on how you can give your home more personality.


1. Play With home accessories and collectibles
Home accessories and collectibles can greatly enhance your home’s vibe and personality, especially when you have the freedom to be creative. Make use of patterns and shapes to convey a unique yet homey vibe. For example, vases with a curvy silhouette can give a dramatic visual effect while a long cylinder vase can add height to compliment smaller collectibles.

2. Use Some Colours
It’s a well-known design fact that colours can help change and uplift our mood. If your home has a Scandinavian theme and you want to add a pop of color for a more stylish twist, Pop Art Sculptures are perfect accent pieces as they can immediately brighten up your space. Alternatively, display a beautiful floral arrangement in a unique decorative vase using loud, fun contrasting tones to achieve an intriguing vibrant effect. The possibilities are endless, don’t hesitate to use colours to express yourself!

3. Incorporate Unique Decorative Pieces
Adding home decors such as paintings, art sculptures and wall decor will boost your home’s personality and give the ‘wow!’ factor it needs. Choose something exquisite or unique so it is not only a beautiful piece but will capture your guest’s attention as soon as they enter your home and serve as a great conversation starter.

4. Add Your Own Personal Touch
You don’t need a professional to add a personal touch to your living space. A quick and easy way is to display your best memories, family or travel photos in photo frames that matches the theme of your interior decor at home. For example, if you are trying to achieve an elegant and polished look, a mirror surfaced photo frame are easy solution.

5. Display Your Memorabilia
Got memorable items from your travels? Don’t keep them locked away as you can turn your vacation memories into delightful decors in your home where you can enjoy seeing it all year round. Display your collections in a frame or set them up in a display cabinet that you can put in your living room for visitors to see.


Look Around for Some Quality Decors to Liven Up Your Home
Here at Wandewoo, we value uniqueness. That’s why most of our products are handmade, handcrafted, and hand-painted. You will be able to find many unique and colorful home decor pieces that you can display easily in your lovely home or office space. May it be vases, flowers, cushions, art decor, lifestyle collectibles, and aromatic diffusers—we have it all. Moreover, we pride ourselves with collectibles and displays that embraces creativity and ensure that we deliver high-quality products that are environmentally sustainable. We are here to help you build your home with a statement that you can call your own.


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