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Quick Guide to Colour Combinations (and how to spice up your home)

What’s the best part about designing a home? For most people, it might come down to personal creativity. The freedom to bring life to your home interior is a wonderful feeling. It’s like building a masterpiece of art! With that said, it’ll feel much better to design your home if you know a thing or two about colour combinations. How so?

Everyone knows how to identify and pick a colour, but not all are skilled in mixing and matching different shades and tones. This is why the colour wheel exists. In order to know how colour work well with others, understanding the colour wheel should be a priority.

The colour wheel

In layman’s term, a colour palette is a broad range of colours. There are three types of colours: Primary, secondary, and tertiary. Firstly, the primary colours are red, blue, and yellow. Secondly, the secondary colours are green, orange and purple. These colours are made by mixing primary colours together. Lastly, the tertiary colours are six shades that can be made by mixing primary and secondary colours together.


Ceramic bird figurines and mini vase set home accessories perfect for minimalist house interior.


Understanding your home interior

After knowing the basics of the colour wheel, understanding your home interior should be the next step. Since colour can dramatically affect our moods, feelings and emotions, be creative and make good use of a right colour scheme to set the mood for you and your guests. If you want to achieve a relaxing atmosphere, you should use cool-based colours such as blue, green and purple that are often used to inspire relaxation and calmness. 

If you like something more subtle, you can also use a combination of cool colours. These home accessories in Singapore that are handmade with porcelain are easy on the eyes and will certainly add a touch of creativity to your home interior.



On the other hand, to create a more vibrant atmosphere, you can play with warm colours like red, orange, and yellow. Opt for a colourful pop art sculpture that can bring life to your home interior. Artistic home decorations add a lot to your home interior and could create a lively mood for you and your guests.




Mix and match

 Your home interior is a personal statement, like the way a painting is to an artist. It’s a blank   canvas and you have complete freedom over its design. The key is to curate a masterpiece by   choosing different colours based on your preference and personality.

 After getting the gist of the colour wheel, it’s much easier to create a colour scheme. To put the   cherry on top, add a few home accessories and complete your interior’s design. You can place   some flowers at home to add a little colour to your interior. Place your flowers in vases with   colours that could further complement your home interior’s colour scheme!

If you want to have additional accents to your home interior, try adding some finishing touches with exquisite home accessories. Head on to Wandewoo, one of the leading home decor shops in Singapore! Have a glance at our colourful home decorations. Who knows, you might find what you’re looking for!

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