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5 Ways To Decorate Your Work Space 

Psychological studies have shown that decorations in office environments play a significant role on workplace productivity and functionality. When decorations uplift the personalities of employees, they become more productive.  That’s why it’s important that you have a decorated and personalised office desk if you want to keep yourself up and ready for your daily office tasks. Here are 5 ways to get you started :

1. Flower Vase

Flowers are a great way to boost your mood, especially flowers that have bright colours like tulips or sunflowers. Heavily scented flowers like rose and jasmine are also great mood boosters. To further improve your mood in the office, place your flowers in a beautifully designed mini vase that complement the colour of the flower.

2. Fragrance Diffusers

If flowers are not your thing but you want to give your office desk a productivity-boosting scent, then fragrance diffusers are a good alternative to have on your office desk. Scents are known to boost mood and productivity, especially if it’s a scent we can associate with a wonderful event or memory in our lives. By filling your office space with your favourite scent, you can get a good amount of productivity boost.

3. Cushions

Comfort is another big factor in remaining productive and relaxed enough to work efficiently through the day. Unless your office space is comfortable for you, you’ll have a hard time keeping yourself functional in the office.  Some studies have reported that employees who have greater personal control over their comfort in the office showed at least a 3% increase in work productivity. When it comes to making yourself relaxed on your office desk, use soft and comfortable cushions for extra comfort for your back or head when you need to think of your next big project.

4. Paperweights

In an office, there are always lots of papers and documents being passed on from one person to another. That’s why it’s good to have papers sorted and in place with something small and heavy like a paperweightHaving a cute paperweight to keep your papers and documents in place will help boost your mood by keeping your mind off the overwhelming work and remind you of the brighter side of the day. It will also help you stay positive enough to wave through all your office tasks.

5. Photo Frame

Aside from keeping your office desk tidy, you can accessorize it with one or two photo frames to add a personal touch to your workplace. Placing a frame photo of your loved ones will put a smile on your face as you reminisce and help you relax at work. And, if you need something else to motivate you, consider framing your favorite inspirational quotes to help pick you up on a bad day and re-energize your day or week. 

Give your office space lots of love! Keeping yourself productive at work can be hard when you have an empty and uninspiring office desk. Giving your office desk a little personality can help improve your product output and can even bring out your creativity to help enhance the quality of your output at work.

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