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4 Colorful home decors that can help uplift your home’s feel

Research has already proven that when our eyes perceive color, our brains release chemicals that influence us on a bodily and emotive level. One of the examples of these chemicals are serotonin, which is stimulated by bright colors like yellow, and red, which increase heart rate. With this in mind, we can all agree that colors not only do this to our brains, but also affect our mood. In the modern age, interior designers and architects always go for minimalist designs and styles. Most of the households nowadays are either themed with plain colors such as black, white, and gray. Understandably, those are really stylish and elegant in nature. But, if you want to set the mood of your home, it pays to add some colors at home. From huge home furniture down to miniature home accessories, you can decorate your home with colorful items and make it look livelier and fresher in the eyes. Here are four easy and chic way where you can use colorful home accessories to change the feel of your home.

1. Art Sculptures

Whether you are trying to dress up your kids’ room or you just want to fill the empty spaces on your shelves, choosing colorful sculptures is one way to go. There are many designs and styles that you can choose from – human figurine art sculptures, animal art sculptures, pop-art sculptures and more. But wait, these artistic sculptures do not just go in shelves. You can also use it as a centerpiece on your living room table, a coffee table accent, and a bedside table decoration. It, basically, adds color and attitude to any of your furniture.

2. Tableware

Who says that tableware should only be clear ? Put a little character to your jugs and drinking glasses by choosing different colors and designs. You don’t need to have a party or a gathering at home to enjoy a perky dining experience. Most importantly, you can easily mix and match these colors to fit the occasion. Gone are the days of boring, plain tableware. It’s time to embrace a modern feel in your home! Drink up on stylish glasses. Oh, you can also team it up with water-absorbent porcelain coasters. Isn’t it amazing?

3. Cushions

Living rooms are always the most elegant, well-designed part of our homes. We want to look more accommodating and welcoming, as much as possible. But instead of going with traditional cushions at home, why not put some accent such as printed cushions for your seats and sofas. You can give your guests a mood booster as they comfortably chill on your living room area with a colorful cushions – it’s huggable and relaxing.

4. Decorative Vases

It is probably always easier to simply pick a clear vase like everyone else.  But, why not try something different to stand out from the rest? Colored vase can add a welcome touch of color to inside spaces.  Arranging your blooms in vibrant colored vases can give a vivid look to you centerpiece, especially in a room with a minimalist design. 


Sometimes, combinations of hues work best together!

There are some homes, which tend to make all colors linked together like puzzle pieces. This is perhaps depending on the way the decors of your home are incorporated well together, and that the hues look good while being in the background—others will work as accents. Take in these tips for your humble abode, visualize what you want to see when you arrive, and put these colors in action! You’ll never know—you might feel like you’re going home from work for a stay-cation!

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